Certification such as this is widely recognized in countries around the world, but in larger economies the conditions for the awards are not as strict as those in Iceland.

Creditinfo believes that in smaller economies, it is more important to assess a company’s strength through the stability of their operation performance over time, as opposed to only one fiscal year. This long-term assessment prevents the inclusion of companies that cannot withstand market fluctuations, such as was the case in the 2008 economic collapse.

Creditinfo’s conditions for the company strength analysis

  • Has submitted financial statement to RSK for the past three years
  • Categorised by Creditinfo in risk category 1,2 or 3
  • Positive EBIT for each of the past three years
  • Positive operating profit for each of the past three years
  • Equity ratio at least 20% for each of the past three years
  • Registered CEO at the company register
  • Defined as a credit active company according to Creditinfo
  • Total assets at least ISK 90m for 2016 and ISK 80m for 2015 and 2014