„Creditinfo provides Verne Global with regular and reliable news translations on Icelands’ rapidly evolving technology sector — keeping our company well aware of all the latest industry developments — information which is crucial in helping us make better, more informed decisions.“

Adam Nethersole – Director of Marketing at Verne

We offer ...

Executive translation service

• Creditinfo provides English translations of Icelandic news for your company or competitive market such as:

  • Banking
  • Telecom
  • Travel
  • Heavy industry

Due diligence

Creditinfo also provides the following information for investors‘ due diligence:

  • Background in media
  • Credit reports
  • Company involvement
  • Subsidiaries & affiliates

Media score

Our media score rates the importance of each news story for your company based on the following data variables:

  • Number of mentions
  • Placement of first mention
  • Medium
  • Placement within medium


We measure, evaluate and analyse media coverage for our customers, creating value-adding information based on media intelligence

  • Evaluation of negative/positive impact of each news story
  • Measurement of frequency and development of coverage
  • Comparison to industry and competition
  • Regular reports with graphic representation of the data

In 2015, we monitored 242,399 news stories, articles or blogs

  • 14,672 broadcasted news stories (transcripts totaling 25,388 pages)
  • 65,332 newspaper articles
  • 115,084 web news articles
  • 47,311 blogs, corporate websites, governmental websites etc.