Credit Score

The probability of a company defaulting is evaluated and its Credit Score is revealed in addition to the main factors affecting the evaluation and a comparison with other companies‘ averages.

Payment behaviour

The status of a company listed in the Defaulting Debtors Database is specified as well as whether it is linked to any auction cases. Information on its payment behaviour is also attached, i.e. when the company usually pays its bills.

Financial information

Key information from the last five years derived from financial statements, profit and loss accounts and balance sheets as well as on cash flow and financial ratios.

The Company Registry

Information on the company‘s principals, such as its board, managing director, signatures, power of procuration, the registered share capital, the company‘s purpose, founders, the date of the latest articles of assosiation, auditors and/or inspectors.


Basic information on the company. Its address, telephone number, website, email adddress, founding date, the date of listing on the stock exchange, VAT number, number of employees, senior employees, import and export countries, description of activities and a summary of its history.


An overview of the number of news reports by media over the past 12 months.